AIDA is a good model for performance marketing activities — when the end-goal is to drive “Action” (i.e., transaction).

AIDA is not a good model for brand activities — because brand activities need longer horizons and must be considered beyond just the direct ROI. AIDA stops at “Action” (the last “A” of AIDA) — which will map to “”Transaction” in our framework. We also suggest when and how brands should explore “Perception” and “Bonding” activities — these help the brand to build emotional connect with customers and, thereby, strengthen the brand.

Moreover, when you try to apply AIDA to brand activities, you will notice that it doesn’t help figure out what kind of campaigns should be run. For example, the first “A” (Awareness) of AIDA can be done via an engagement-led campaign or via a bonding-led campaign — both can be equally valid awareness anchors. Most advertising agencies end up suggesting bonding-led creatives because (a) that what’s they do when they work with FMCG companies and (b) bonding-led stories offer broader creative canvas (think Fevicol ads).

This doesn’t work for category-creating companies because they have to take the ownership of introducing the category itself and, therefore, have to “invite” users to explore the product/category. This is why category-creating companies derive better results if their brand activities are aligned with customer’s journey with the brand.

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Venture Partner @ Accel India

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